I’ve had my eye on e-bikes for quite some time. Where I live, in Lincoln, Nebraska, I can get most places rather easily by bike thanks to our pretty good trail system. However, as I get older, it’s becoming harder to get into proper shape to bike regularly. This is where the pedal assist and throttle options of bikes become extremely inviting to me. The below video explains a bit more of why I’m eyeing e-bikes.

When it comes to e-bikes, the only thing holding me back at this point is cost. That said, I have my eyes on the $1,200 RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes. That price point is actually pretty good when it comes to entry level e-bikes. I also like the simplicity of this bike as there are no gears, so you’re relying only on different levels of pedal assist or throttle. It’s just less to think about. Lastly, Rad has made a good name for themselves and I like the fact they’re from Seattle, since I know they’ve tested these things in the rain.

All of that said, I look forward to the day when I can switch. My poor knees will be thankful for it.