May 24, 2020

Pensacola Blue Wahoos Renting Their Stadium on AirBnB

My hometown Pensacola Blue Wahoos are renting their stadium out on AirBnB for $1,500/night.

For the first time ever, a professional baseball stadium is available for rent on AirBnB, giving fans the most intimate, behind-the-scenes ballpark experience in history. Whether you’d like to host an unforgettable overnight trip with your youth league team, throw an unbeatable birthday bash, stage a corporate retreat that will make you an office hero, or spend your bachelor party living your sports dream, Blue Wahoos Stadium is the ultimate rental.

Blue Wahoos Stadium is my favorite stadium anywhere, mainly because it encapsulates everything I love about where I grew up: the region’s love of sports and the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve also had some of the best ballpark food there also, when I has a fully dressed shrimp po boy when I saw a game there.

Check out the views: