A Simple Shortcut for Setting Aside Some Quiet Reading Time

I’ve been getting a little bit of a reading bug as of late. Personally, I use my iPad as my eReader. One disadvantage of this, compared to a dedicated eReader, is the lingering possibility of getting notifications while I read. While I could just manually turn on Do Not Disturb during this time, I figured this was a good opportunity to make a workflow which can take care of a few things automatically.

The workflow I created makes a 15 minute calendar event called “Reading Time”, turns on Do Not Disturb for the duration of the event, and opens the Books app for me. This can be triggered either by tapping the icon in Shortcuts or by saying “Reading Time” to Siri. Obviously, the duration of the event can be changed to your preference.

The workflow can be downloaded here.

skoo.bz @sku_b