A few Christmases ago, I received a turntable from my brother. I know nothing of what makes a good turntable, but my brother is one of those people who reads product reviews from the likes of Consumer Reports, so I’m sure the Audio-Technica turntable I have is a good one. The only issue I’ve had with it is hooking the damn thing up.

I bought an audio receiver from a friend a couple of years ago which will work with this turntable, which has an embedded RCA hookup. However, the only speakers in my apartment are a couple of HomePods, of which I have one in each room. That’s been a problem, obviously.

Sonos sells a product, called the Sonos Port, which has RCA hookups and transmits via Airplay 2, which the homePod receives. However, this product runs for $400 or more. It’s a quality product, but much too expensive for my budget.

To the internet we go!

With a quick search online, it looks like I found a solution for using my turntable over Airplay 2 so I can stream to the HomePod. It’s bulkier than I’d like, but far cheaper than the Sonos Port. It goes as followed:

  • My old iMac with AirFoil installed ($29)
  • USB Audio to USB cable ($5-$10)

All in all, it looks like I should be able to do this for $40 or less. I’ll update to let you know how it goes.