March 18, 2020

Go for a walk right now.

Shannon Palus, writing for Slate:

Yes, we’re on lockdown. In the San Francisco Bay Area, residents of six counties have orders to shelter in place—New York might see similar orders soon, too—but they can still go for walks and runs and bike rides as long as they stay six feet apart from other people. Yes, you should be following the strict rules of staying home from work (unless you do something essential that cannot be done remotely, like medical care) and skipping visits with friends and loved ones (unless you are a caretaker). But, if you are healthy, if you pick a place and time of day where you can keep your distance from others, you can still go outside. And you should.

I’m definitely one who’ll make an excuse to get outside and take a walk. If anything, it’s for my own sanity.