By Ryan Christoffel, writing for MacStories:

Starting today, Things for Apple Watch depends on Things Cloud for its syncing. With a free Things Cloud account, which most Things users will already have, the Watch client now gets its data directly from the cloud rather than relying on its iPhone companion; you’ll see this in action thanks to a helpful cloud icon that indicates syncing is in progress.

Whether you’re near your iPhone or away from it, Things for Apple Watch will stay up-to-date on changes made across all your devices automatically. This change means that another previous frustration – Things’ complications being inaccurate – has been solved too; complications now update in the background based on the latest Things Cloud data.

What Things just fixed on the Apple Watch is a major pet peeve of Watch apps in general for me and this frankly may drag me back to using Things as my task manager. Take the new Fantastical app as an example. The macOS, iPadOS, and iOS apps are all great and sync perfectly well. But, the WatchOS app usually takes a force quit from me for the information on it to update. This is annoying because if you want to use the complications on the Watch and there just happens to be a change in your schedule, it may not be reflected on the Watch in a timely manner.

So, kudos for Cultured Code for introducing this to the Watch. I’ll be giving this a run in the next few days.