March 10, 2020

2K is making NFL games again and the first will be out in 2021

Andrew Webster, writing for The Verge:

The big question, of course, is what this means for the juggernaut that is EA’s Madden series. From the sounds of it, not much will change. The 2K partnership is specifically for “non-simulation football game experiences,” which suggests arcade-like games to complement EA’s more realistic offering. (If we’re lucky, that means a spiritual revival of NFL Blitz.) “Expanding the NFL’s presence in the world of gaming has become a focus for the league as we look to grow the next generation of our fanbase and reviving our partnership with 2K was a natural step in that effort,” Joe Ruggiero, the NFL’s senior VP of consumer products, said in a statement.

My favorite bar has an old game system with NFL Blitz on it and it’s still fun all these years later, so I can see the potential here. NHL20’s NHL Threes mode or FIFA20’s Volta mode also come to mind as fun non-traditional takes on their respective sports, though those still have simulation qualities.