I’ve often referred to my walks as my zen time. This is when I can get outside, mash the pavement, and work out any aggressive energy I have. I start a workout on my Apple Watch, which triggers Do Not Disturb for the duration of the workout, leaving me with just me and the path I’m taking to worry about.

Today was one of those days I really needed to do this. I’m used to going to work by 9 AM most days, so I became a bit stir crazy just sitting around doing nothing after being told there were no hours to give this morning. I was also waiting around for emails and reply backs from various sources today, so there was no better time than to get outside and clear my head. I ended up with quite the workout.

The best part about this (outside of feeling a little better) is I’ve come close to meeting my active calorie goal for today and it’s not even noon.