I’ve reached the point with Facebook where I’ve sunk into being much more of a lurker than a user. I’d delete the damn thing if I could, but I simply can’t trust some friends and relatives to use something better. I seriously doubt people will come around to start personal blogs or go back to writing emails. The later was actually a suggestion a cousin had after our last family reunion. That idea never left the ground, so maybe I’m justified in my trust issues.

I’ve grown to loathe big social media in general due to the lack of respect for my personal info and the b.s. spread by some of its users. That said, at least I can still use a client like Twitterrific for Twitter which allows me to alter the feed to make it much more tolerable. As for Facebook, the current political cycle has caused me to delete the app from my mobile devices, leaving me to check only on my desktop. It’s less convenient, which is the point.

I frankly didn’t expect to go into full rant mode, but hey, isn’t a blog a much better option than a tweetstorm? I like to think so.