Britain leaves the EU

Listening to Beats1 this morning, where the current show is being broadcast from London. So, of course there was mentioning of Britain leaving the EU, which came with a tone of disappointment.

Across my community, a few of the British and European members have posted their thoughts on things becoming final today.

From Matthew Lang in Britain:

Even though we’re leaving the EU, I’ll also still consider myself more European than British.

From Paul Robert Lloyd:

Of the countries I’ve visited, many are members of the EU while some are members of its related institutions and agreements. Throughout, I’ve learnt that we have more in common than that which divides us, and realised that I am and always will be, culturally and emotionally, European.

From Khaled Abou Alfa, who lives in Copenhagen:

I didn’t want to believe this day would come to pass. I didn’t want to believe that a majority of the British people thought that being European was such an unwanted part of their lives. Yet here we are. For my part, I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy being European.

As someone who lives across the pond and has never ventured over, I feel like I lack some prospective on this. However, I am familiar with what confusing balloting language can look like, which is some of what led to the vote to leave. Still, there was also a segment of the nation who did want to leave and I really don’t understand what they really felt was so bad about being part of the EU. Nonetheless, here we are. @sku_b