December 28, 2019

Things I want to Accomplish in 2020

  • Take better care of my health: I had a recent medical scare in my family and it’s waking me up to the importance of routine maintenance. I have little problem with exercise, as my Apple Watch does motivate me to at least take a walk. But, my joints are stiffer, I really should see a dentist, and I just need to make sure I have no real ailments in me despite feeling good most days. I may as well take advantage of my insurance.
  • Seek a new career path: I’ve already started this search, as I have a phone interview looming. Simply put, I’m burned out on retail and I’m ready to do something that brings me satisfaction. More money would be a plus also. Hopefully I’m not looking long.
  • Watch more movies: I have HBO and Showtime tacked onto my cable package at a discount, not to mention a couple of other services available on my AppleTV.
  • Meditate more: Mental health is important. I’ve done better about meditation this year, but I could still do better. I always feel better when I do.
  • Travel with the Sounders/ US National Teams: I already have a pair of Sounders dates marked. Time will tell if there’s some National Team dates close by also.