Facebook accesses your location even when you’ve opted out ➔

Ben Lovejoy, writing for 9to5Mac, quoting The Hill:

Even if someone does not enable location services, Facebook may still understand information about the location based on information that they and others provide through their activities and connections on our services. For example, if someone responds to an event on Facebook for a local music festival, upload a location-tagged video, or gets tagged by a friend in a check-in at a restaurant, these actions have give us information about that person’s likely location. Similarly, a person might share where they live by setting a location in Marketplace or adding their address to their profile.

It seems like every week there’s something about Facebook like this popping up. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I often feel tied to the service. It’s often the only place I get event invites and my soccer supporters’ subgroup has a group page setup there as it’s main means of communication. I’ve come to understand there’s not enough people who will actually get sick of this type of behavior and I question how many understand the seriousness of it. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated the reason so many dismiss this behavior is to them it’s invisible. It’s not the same visual effect of having an actual person follow you around and you telling them to stop, but they still continue to do so, yet that’s exactly what this is.