November 24, 2019

The SEC's Case for Two Playoff Teams (right now) 🏈

Oregon’s loss last night just might ensure the SEC gets two teams in the playoffs again. As long as LSU, Georgia, and Alabama handle their business next week this conversation holds. Let’s look at some scenarios assuming all three win this week (and Clemson and Ohio State don’t slip up).

If LSU beats Georgia in the SEC Championship:

  • LSU is a lock
  • Alabama’s case comes down to the fact their only loss would be against LSU. Big wins would be over Texas A&M and Auburn.
  • Oklahoma, assuming they’re the Big XII Champion, would still hold the loss to unranked Kansas State. Big wins would be over Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma State.
  • Utah, assuming they’re the Pac-12 Champion, would still hold the loss to currently unranked USC. Big wins would be over Oregon and Arizona State (who was ranked at the time). Washington losing to Colorado really hurts the strength of schedule for Utah.

If Georgia beats LSU in the SEC Championship:

  • Georgia is a lock.
  • LSU’s case would be their only loss would have come against Georgia. Big wins would be over Florida, Auburn, and Alabama.
  • Oklahoma would be the only other consideration here, but I don’t know how their resume stands up to LSU’s, despite the conference title.

I know people outside of the SEC are tired of the SEC, but it is what it is at this point. At the end of the day, if the SEC does get two teams in the four-team playoff, blame Oregon for quacking under pressure 1.

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.