November 10, 2019

Seattle Sounders FC v. Toronto FC - MLS Cup: Liveblog ⚽️

Good morning/afternoon everyone. I’ve decided to liveblog the MLS Cup Finals between my beloved Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC. I figured this would be a more tolerable option for people who follow me since I won’t be blowing up their timelines as much. It’s also a way for me to log my thoughts and feelings on today in a way I can look back to whenever I want.

The match gets going at 2 PM CST or Noon PST. I’ll have more then.


Currently, I’m taking in the prematch festivities, including the March to the Match with my ECS family. Shit looks crazy right now!

The Starting 11 is up! I can feel it now!

More march!

  • 2:01 PM CST - I’m so fucking feeling it now! Let’s fucking go!!!
  • 2:07 - BOOM! BOOM! CLAP!


  • 1’ - And we’re off!

  • 6’ - Both teams looking tight so far. Lots of ball control and simple passing from both sides.
  • 9’ - Jordan Morris gets a steal and pushes it all the way up field for a shot on goal. Just shows how explosive Morris can be in a blink.
  • 11’ - Lidero attempts to feed one into the box but it flutters wide.
  • 12’ - Toronto gets a chance right in the middle of the box, but an easy save in the end for Frei.
  • 15’ - A hard challenge from Kim Kee Hee gives Toronto a freekick from midfield. Another chance for TFC to apply pressure. It results in an eventual corner.
  • 16’ - Pressure is relieved when Ruidiaz is fouled on a clearance at midfield.
  • 18’ - Currently singing “Us Vs. Them” with ECS
  • 19’ - Ruidiaz just misses on a header attempt in the box near goal. So close!
  • 21’ - A deflection off a Roldan shot creates a corner opportunity for the Sounders! Torres just misses on the oppotunity. Damn!
  • 23’ - First SEATTLE! SOUNDERS! chant of the match.
  • 26’ - Sounders are really starting to dictate the pace now. This match has really opened up.
  • 30’ - Kim Kee Hee sloppily feeds the ball back to Frei. This creates a bit of pressure from Toronto. Torres and Frei save the day.
  • 32’ - Seattle corner. Weak attempt to be honest. Pressure still on however.
  • 36’ - Huge save by Frei off a hard shot from in the box! God I’m thankful for him!
  • 41’ - About a minute and a half of hell from Toronto around the box. Seattle withstands the presuure. I want to see more energy from SSFC at this point.
  • 45’ - Lidero feeds Ruidiaz in the box and that was SO close! Corner coming up.
  • 45’+ - The whistle blows for halftime after a minute of extra time. Schmetz says the perfomance “wasn’t good enough”. I fully agree.


Sounders FC 0 : 0 Toronto FC

  • 46’ - And we’re off for the second half. Let’s do some good things!
  • 48’ - Smith with a quality block to deflect the ball out of bounds. Relieves a little Toronto pressure.
  • 51’ - This second half is ending much like the first half so far. Sounders need to create some pressure of their own.
  • 57’ - Schmetz appears to be telling Victor Rodriguez to get ready. Gotta change the pace of play.
  • 57’ - GOOOOOOOOOAL!!! Leerdam scores off a TFC player. Officially an own goal.


Sounders FC 1 : 0 Toronto FC

  • 61’ - Rodriguez comes on for Smith.

  • 68’ - Altidore is coming on for Toronto.
  • 69’ - Now this match appears to be opening up again.
  • 71’ - It’s obvious Toronto is trying to find Altidore deep. They’re almost forcing the ball his way to get him an opportunity. Sounders standing firm so far.
  • 72’ - Puzuelo picks up a yellow card for Toronto.
  • 76’ - GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Rodriguez burries one!!!


Sounders FC 2 : 0 Toronto FC

  • 81’ - Sounders defend off a corner attempt. The stadium is rocking right now!
  • 85’ - Delem is coming on for Morris to bolster the defense. Huge reception for Morris.
  • 87’ - Currently singing “Take Em All” with ECS.


Sounders FC 3 : 0 Toronto FC

  • 90’+ - Five minutes of extra time.
  • 90’+1’ - Ruidiaz comes off for Arreaga. Huge ovation for Raul!
  • 90’+3’ - Altidore scores for Toronto. Probably way too late.


Sounders FC 3 : 1 Toronto FC

  • 90’+5’ - And that’s it! We have the final whistle!!!


Sounders FC 3 : 1 Toronto FC

  • 4:06 PM - I am freaking overwhelmed right now! Wow!