November 6, 2019

24 Hours or So With the AirPods Pro

I’ve had the AirPods Pro for about 24 hours and I’ve run them through the paces a little bit. Here are some first impressions.

IMG 0266


One of the major concerns of the original AirPods was how they fit. They were designed to essentially hang from your ears, based on the original design from Apple’s EarPods. The thought process was that it was the cord that would pull the buds from your ear, not that they were shaped wrong for some people’s ears. It turns out they’re still not good for everybody.

With the AirPods Pro, they come with the silicone ear tips many in earbuds come within three sizes. This provides a much more secure fit than before. To counterbalance potential air trapped inside one’s ear, the buds have vents to balance air pressure.

All in all, they feel pretty good. I was able to take a walk last night, even jogging across a street. I always felt subconscious about losing a bud when dodging traffic before but was given no reason to feel this way with the Pros.


The thing about earbuds is I don’t expect mind-blowing sound out of them. I have bigger speakers around for that. With that in mind, the AirPods Pro sound better than the first generation AirPods I had before. I’m sure the seal and fit have a lot to do with that.

Noise Cancelation and Transparency

I find the noise cancelation to be pretty good. I had a little test this morning when I was downtown to pick up breakfast, as I found myself walking side by side with a street sweeper. The noise cancelation didn’t entirely eliminate the noise, but it was enough where I was able to enjoy my music again.

IMG 0262

On the flip side of noise cancelation is a mode Apple is calling Transparency, which uses built-in microphones to measure outside noise and then blends that in with what you’re listening to. The effect is like having your own personal soundtrack in your head. I could hear cars passing by clearly, which you want in high traffic areas, all while hearing my music clearly as well. I was also able to talk back and forth with my taco truck guy just fine as I gave my order. It’s an interesting effect, different from not having either of these modes on, which just makes outside sounds muffled.

All in all, I’d recommend these if you’re looking to upgrade from earlier versions of AirPods. They’ve improved on the originals in about every way possible.