October 28, 2019

Finding Joy in the Process

I’ve spent the past week tinkering around with my personal site. It’s been a lot of fun for me and has served as a reminder of how much I enjoy playing around with HTML & CSS. In the past week I have:

  • Moved back to Blot
  • Went back to a more original CSS version of the theme I’m using, Rosa
  • Added support for dark mode when the OS calls for it.
  • Filtered out microposts, live blogs, & photo posts.
  • Created separate pages for micro posts and photos.

I’m still looking to:

  • Create separate pages for beer reviews & love blogs.
  • Create separate feeds for different post types.
  • Hopefully create an archive listing for beer reviews that’s alphabetical.

After I get through all of that, I’ll look to import my old site from