October 24, 2019

My Current Morning Podcast Diet

I have a few podcasts which I listen to most mornings. It’s been a bit of an effort to not turn the TV on first thing in the morning and to gain something of value instead. I did make sure none of these are overly long, but something where I can listen to the entire playlist in about an hour.

  • ESPN Daily: A weekday morning podcast from ESPN which takes an in-depth look at a topic in sports while not forgetting to have a little fun with it. It’s light enough to start my day before getting into heavier material.
  • The Daily: The weekday morning podcast from the New York Times looks in-depth at a serious, but maybe over looked, story in our news. They tend to go deeper than even much of their own articles and far deeper than anything cable news does.
  • NPR News Now: This podcast updates once an hour, so I always have the freshest stories given to me in about a five minute listen.
  • 9to5Mac Daily: I often read many of the topics mentioned here in my RSS feeds during the previous 24 hours, but I still enjoy the quick rundown of Apple related news they provide. It also helps to bring me out of the heaviness of the previous two podcasts.
  • Seattle Mariners Podcast: With their year currently over, this podcast is dormant at the moment. But, anytime there’s action, this is a good listen to get to know the team a little better throughout the year.