October 23, 2019

With iPadOS 13, the iPad seems safe for college students - Six Colors

Jason Snell, writing for Six Colors

Since this summer I’ve had a few conversations with people at universities who say that, yes, if you’re in some very specific classes that have very specific software requirements, you can probably not make it on an iPad alone. (This is also true for the Mac, by the way—though probably less so now than it was even a decade ago.)

I went back to college during the middle part of this decade and wished to do everything, or at least most things, on an iPad. For basic things it did the job. I was able to write papers just fine. But the biggest pain was my school’s course shell. Any mobile browser was refused and it didn’t like Safari in any flavor, iOS or MacOS, which forced me to use Chrome.

I’m curious to see now how college’s have changed since, because there’s nothing about the iPad Pro in terms of computing power to keep it from getting things done. The only question is wether certain applications are available or play nicely.