October 9, 2019

On iPad Keyboards

I have a few random thoughts bouncing through my head this morning concerning iPad keyboards, specifically relating to the iPad Pro.

  • I’m intrigued by the new Libra keyboard, which includes a trackpad for iPad OS’s mouse support. I’m very curious how that works in practice, especially since my brain hasn’t quite trained itself to the new iPad OS text selection gestures.
  • I still think the Brydge Pro keyboard is an intriguing option, despite some of the mixed reviews I’ve seen.

I personally own a Canopy from Studio Neat which allows me to use a Mac desktop keyboard. While I think this is the best typing experience I have available to me, I don’t find myself using it a lot.

Much of this is because of the iPad Smart Keyboard Folio, which is always attached to my iPad and thus always available. While some have complained about how it feels to type on this thing, I never really have much of an issue with it. I’m typing on it now in fact, with it sitting in my lap and I feel like I’m typing as fast as I could on a full size keyboard. If I had a complaint with it, it would be the lack of view angles which prevent me from using it if I were reclined. Other than that, I love the thing.