September 8, 2019

My Sports Saturday Sucked

Today was an 0-3 day for my Seattle teams. The whole thing was just odd & depressing.

The Washington Huskies were setting up to play the Cal Bears in Seattle, where a few minutes into the first quarter a rare thunderstorm rolled through, delaying the game for two hours. It was already a late start with kickoff at 8 PM local time. Play resumed at 10:30 PM, in which I set two hours ahead.

I fell asleep, only to wake up at 3:30 AM (1:30 AM in Seattle) to see Cal lining up for a game winning field goal. Washington loses 20-19.

Earlier in the evening, Seattle Sounders made up their game in Colorado, which was postponed due to snow in April. As fate would have it, the Sounders were missing some key players due to international club call-ups, which is why it was a week off to begin with.

At full strength, I feel the Sounders would take care of business. They’ve been clicking well the last couple of matches, after all. Without their guys, the lost to the Rapids 2-0.

Then there’s the Mariners. They lost the third game out of three so far against Houston, their fifth loss in a row. The season has been over for a while, so it is what it is at this point.

With all of that in mind, today is the start of the NFL season for the Seahawks, who take on Cincinnati. Here’s to getting off on the right foot today.