August 7, 2019

A Mindful Approach to Technology

Mike Schmitz writing for The Sweet Setup:

But we’ve noticed that the way people use their technology has changed over time.

In short, we’re consuming instead of creating. By default, we’re constantly chasing “more.” We can’t resist the siren call of the new and shiny, so we’re pulled mindlessly toward the mesmerizing glow of our screen without thought to what we’re really doing there.

I caught this article this morning, a day after writing a note to myself describing things I feel I need to lean back towards. None of these things neccesarily deal with erasing technology from my daily routines, but instead seek to repurpose how I use technology. Over the past few days, I could feel myself mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed with this overwhelming need to know what was going on within the moment. None of this was stuff I couldn’t go back and check on later. It’s this behavior I want to avoid.

Beyond that, I simply feel reading, writing, listening to music, and excercising are far more benificial to me than being a mindless drone who uncontrolably scrolls. With that in mind, I’ve written a little. Now, it’s time to go roam my city on my day off now that the rain has stopped for the next few hours.