August 6, 2019

Some thoughts on politics and decency

Politics today are built to make you submit so that those in power won’t have to deal with an issue. They will talk about everything else they can to avoid addressing the core issue itself, knowing if they keep it up for long enough, most will throw their hands up and give up. I’ll admit, it’s exhausting for me. I often have to tune out from time to time and drown myself in things I enjoy before I can come back and face this shit again.

So, I know we’re all tired.

There’s strength in numbers though. When it comes time to vote, the only question you really should be asking yourself is, “how decent am I?”. Is the person you’re voting for really in for the common good of all? It’s not about party affiliation, it’s about decency. At the end of the day, your vote is a reflection of you.