August 6, 2019

Note to Self: Things to Do to Stay Sane in a Troubled World

I’m reaching my breaking point with the news cycle and am feeling the need to withdrawal from social media as a result. Here’s a few things which help me relax instead.


There’s really no better feeling for me than a room with no TV on and some music playing instead. I’m trying to listen to albums more instead of just the stream of single tracks.


iOS 13 in introducing timed reading goals in the Books app. It’s a good incentive to get a little reading in everyday.


This thing I’m doing here, where I spill all my thoughts out to black & white is a good habit to have. It’s not even about wether someone else reads it or not, but more about just not having it internalized.


Walks are my zen time, when I can clear my head and think about nothing. Some people run. I only run from bears. But, I always feel good when I get my walks in and close my rings on my Watch.

Just a few simple things to get through it all.