August 3, 2019

11 years without the Seattle SuperSonics 🏀

Jeffery Brown writing for Cascadia SN:

I know for myself and the majority of Sonics fans just hope that the NBA decides to expand to Seattle over relocation. It would be less messy, and we wouldn’t have to put another team’s fan base through the relocation nightmare and despair. My hope is that the league will seriously consider expanding to Seattle after 2021 when Seattle’s new arena is fully operational. But if it ends up being relocation, I will welcome that team as my own.

This is basically my thought process. I know the guys with NHL Seattle would like a couple seasons for the new franchise to take hold so they can lock in the fan base for hockey. For Seattle, this would be the first professional winter sports team in the city in 11 years, so it’s a huge void the NHL is filling. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if a new NBA franchise is announced sometime around 2022 or 2023. That’s totally a guess on my part.