So, I had jury duty this past week and there’s something that’s sticking with me right now. I presided over a drug case, possession of a controlled substance, in this case meth. Meth is a schedule II controlled substance. I really have no argument with that.

What bothers me is cannabis is a schedule I controlled substance. That is to say, to the federal government, cannabis is thought of as worse than meth. Are you fucking kidding me?

The amount of times I have seen or heard about meth wrecking someone’s life. The subject in question this week had five previous cases, four for a controlled substance, with one of those cases having two offenses for the same thing within a month. The withdrawal symptoms of meth and its addictive attributes are something I could never say about cannabis. I hung around potheads my junior year of high school. Once I grew tired of sleeping all the freaking time, I walked away, scot free, no feeling of being pulled back in. I was able to be done when I wanted to be. And yet, you’re telling me the federal government thinks that’s worst than meth? That has to change.

And that’s without mentioning the benefits of CBD. But I digress.