This week I’ve been moving between an old and new apartment. I’m in the same building, just downsizing. My new place gets me off the garden level for the first time in nearly seven years, which gives me much more natural light. I can finally see the sky and it’s wonderful!

I’m also moving away from many of the annoyances of the old apartment. I had noisy upstairs neighbors who were extremely heavy footed with two young children. There’s the guy with the big diesel truck who always left it warming right by my bedroom window at 6:30 every morning. Then there were the headlights from cars in the parking lot just feet away from my windows with little regard if they were a problem.

Yet, I’ve found myself a little down leaving this place as I get ready to close the book on it. I don’t think it’s because I’m going to miss the place, but that I had some pretty heavy moments of my life there. That would include:

  • The declining health and the eventual death of my father.
  • A break up I hoped would never happen, though I can say I still have an awesome friend in this person.
  • The burnout I felt going through the above combined with working and going to college full time.

It has all come and hit me at once from various directions. It hasn’t helped with taking work off for the past week to get settled I’ve had plenty of time to sit and stew about it all.

I’m hoping with getting back to work and to a normal routine I can start to settle in and shake these feeling. But, man it’s been a weird week.