Apple and Security

Still digesting this year’s live Talk Show from WWDC, but the one thing circling my mind from it right now is how so much of what Apple does over the past few years revolves around security. The obvious is the new features rolling out this year are obvious, but also what they don’t do right away.

For as much as people griped about the iPad Pro being limited with iOS 12, it wasn’t about those gripes that got Apple to come through with external storage support with iOS 13. Instead, they weren’t going to release that support until they could do so in a way where they could protect the kernel from viruses and malware, and that meant separating the file structure from the kernel.

I’ve found Apple will often release things, not when everyone calls for them, but when they’re good and ready. When that product or feature does come out, it’s most often polished, refined, and intuitive in a way only Apple does. It’s rarely half-assed. This dates back to the NeXT merger.