Can Zion Williamson turn NFL-loving New Orleans into a basketball town 🏀⚜️

Shannon G. Sims, writing for The Washington Post:

(Gayle) Benson is trying. She recently hired David Griffin, the general manager of the title-winning 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers, to be vice president of basketball operations, with former player and Brooklyn Nets assistant GM Trajan Langdon as the new general manager.

“There are signs that Gayle is taking the Pelicans seriously and hiring good people,” Butler said, recommending that ownership also find new ways to draw in fans, including bringing in brass bands such as The Soul Rebels and playing more authentic New Orleans music during games. “Bring the actual swag of the city into the arena,” he added.

I always thought the Pelicans should bring more of New Orleans into the gameday experience. The whole reason for them being the Pelicans instead of the Hornets was to instill civic pride in the team. But, catching what I can on TV, their game days have always seemed vanilla whereas Saints games have always brought Bourbon Street indoors.

I think a marriage of that flavor with Zion Williamson embracing it could potentially save the Pels for the city. I hope that happens, as this is only the first generation of fans watching the Pels, whereas the Saints are multigenerational. Just maybe we’re looking at this franchise 20 years from now as something the city can’t do without and it could all center around Zion.