Trying a Little Social Media Experiment On Myself

Over the weekend, I caught myself aimlessly staring at my phone with some kind of nervous twitch to keep picking it up. I still have active accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is full of locals, so I tend to want to keep it around to discuss local things. Facebook is the one I want nothing to do with, but I keep it mainly for event invites, since that’s how people tend to do things. I feel like I need to spend my time better, so I’m going to try a few things.

Goodbye Facebook

I’ve deleted all Facebook related apps off my phone as of this morning. It’s makes it where the easiest spot to check things is on my Mac, where I can only do so when I’m at home. This should cut down my usage significantly.

Feed the Birds

Feedbin is my RSS aggregator of choice. One of the nice things about Feedbin is you can subscribe to a specific Twitter feed. So, I’m going to look to do this with a few of my friends on there. It actually makes reading through Twitter quite a bit cleaner.

Writing More

I want to think about what I post online a bit more. This means I want to be a bit more calculated and to have things delivered with a bit more thought. This is where I want to share things initially, in which they’ll get syndicated out to Twitter from there.

Hopefully all of this will help me feel less twitchy and will allow me to focus on some other things I enjoy.