iPhone Setup - May 19, 2019


Wallpaper: From Unsplash with a blur added using Clarity.


  • 1Password - The best damn password management tool.
  • Maps - I get lost sometimes.
  • Photos - For photos.
  • Overcast - A better podcast player than the stock app. Smart Speed is a must have feature.
  • Fantastical - Of course the natural text entry is nice, but this app also lets me duplicate entries which I do a lot.
  • ESPN - I’ve tried other sports score apps. This is the one I keep coming back to.
  • Carrot Weather - It provides tons of data and is fully customizable. It also talks like I do. I only wish the radar was of a better quality.
  • Music - I love Apple Music. I run my smart list based “stations” through it and I can always call up a song request line style with Siri.
  • Things - My favorite todo list app.
  • Reeder - RSS should never die. This is how I prefer to consume my news and there’s a matching Mac app.
  • Twitterrific - This Twitter client has earned a spot on my main home screen due to it’s ability to combine filters (which they call “muffles”) and it’s the only app I’m aware of that blocks quotes.
  • Micro.blog - The host of my blog and a space of sanity on the social web.
  • At Bat - Whenever I need an excuse to drink, I open this app to see how far the Mariners have fallen in the standings.
  • NHL - Big hockey fan. I look forward to Seattle entering the league in 2021.
  • Petcube - I like to spy on my cat when I’m at work. I can also play the chase-the-red-dot game with him from anywhere.
  • Sunlit - Micro.blog’s photo viewing app. It’s like Instagram, without all the garbage you hate about Instagram.