May the Horse Be With You

For the past few years, I’ve attended an event with friends for The Kentucky Derby. It’s a good time with mint julips, horse masks, food, & shenanigans. The last couple of years have included a “horse race” with said masks, of which I cut & edit video for. Kentucky Derby-esuqe apparel is encouraged, so the men mostly wear ties and the women compete for who can have the biggest hat. It’s all good fun.

I didn’t care about the Kentucky Derby much before this event, but now I find myself doing research since bets will be placed. There’s certain owners & jockeys who’ve had consistent success. Things like the track conditions come into play. For example, today could be muddy and there’s no way of knowing if a horse will be ok in the mud until they’re in it.

Being a betting man, for this event at least, I’m leaning towards Improbable to win. There’s too much legacy and track record behind him for me.

I’m also reminded of some of the quirks of horse racings, particularly, the names. This year features a horse name Tax. Some may wonder if he could be the first horse boo’d during the race, because who likes taxes? Not me.

There’s the (in)famous horse race with the track announcer screaming the name of the horse Hoof Hearted. There’s another race with the dueling names Mywifenosevrything & Thewifedoesntknow.

Like many people, I’ll pick a horse based on his name alone. Last year, Justify reminded me of Rage Against the Machine. 2017, Irish War Cry gained my attention due to one side of my ancestry being Irish. In 2012, I’ll Have Another gained my attention. Lastly, I’ll always remember the 2006 race with the horse Brother Derek, since that’s my brother’s name.

But, the thing I think is cool about this particular event is it’s the event that transcends the sport itself. You can’t mention horse racing without thinking about the Kentucky Derby. Also, just like The Masters in Augusta, GA, The College World Series just up the road from me in Omaha, and the Indy 500, this even is in the same place on the same weekend every year. That both makes this date and this location special.

Go Improbable! 🏇