Daily Reading for April 26, 2019

John Gruber on what makes a podcast a podcast, in a world where companies attempt to make online shows proprietary and exclusive:

These companies are trying to usurp the word podcast for one simple reason: people love podcasts. What I think and hope they are missing is that part of what people love about podcasts is the openness. It’s one of the last remaining areas of the internet that works exactly as the internet was intended to work.

Matthew Cassinelli has a very detailed overview of Reeder 4. The new app looks really nice and Bionic Reading is an interesting concept. It also handles microposts (posts without titles) much better.

I really need to start playing board and card games again.

Sad news out of Denver. I couldn’t imagine going through this.

When 45 says vaccinate, I mean…

Basically, the area where teams are most likely to find excess value in the draft in terms of production over salary costs are from the early second round through pick roughly pick 150. Obviously, the exact range depends on how deep a particular draft is, but given those general ranges, it should not surprise anyone that Schneider and Carroll currently hold eight selections between picks 37 and 159, which means that if the team stands pat and use each of their remaining picks, they will have made all nine selections in the sweet spot of the draft.