Daily Listening for April 25, 2019


The Daily - A Secret in the Navy SEALs

Navy SEAL commandos said they had seen their decorated platoon leader, Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, commit war crimes. They were warned not to report it. They did so anyway.

This seems mind blowing, but I get the idea it shouldn’t be. I’ll be curious to see where this case leads.

The Daily - The Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka

A series of highly coordinated bombings in Sri Lanka has left more than 350 people dead. How did a small, obscure and underfinanced local group carry out one of the deadliest terrorist attacks since 9/11?

I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around how someone could hate another group this much to do something like this.

Seattle Mariners Podcast - No. 548: Bat Flips

(From Sunday) Mariners win a wild one and we have all the details. We will hear from Erik Swanson and Brandon Brennan. We will also talk bat flips.

Everyone seems to be on board with bat flips.


I’m finally getting to my new music playlists for the week (and maybe one before). Now that I have less vested interest in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, that should open up my attention span to handle my music (I hope). I’ve started with my Alt/Indie playlist.