Re: Bat Flips

I’ve seen a lot of discussion (again) about bat flips celebrating homeruns in baseball. Pitchers and opposing players seem to hate it, which usually means the hitter who hits a bomb then flips his bat will usually get dusted the next time he comes up. It seems to be the ultimate show of pettiness I can think of.

This debate has come up again, due to Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox doing the honors on the Kansas City Royals yesterday. Official MLB Twitter account Cut 4 even enjoyed it.

The Kansas City Royals did not. When Anderson came to the plate again, Royals pitcher Brad Keller plunks Anderson, the benches clear, and Anderson, Keller, and a few coaches are ejected.

Then, after the game, this exchange took place on Twitter:

Then players from other sports got involved:

I’m glad McCown said something. Baseball seems to be the only sports which has an issue with excessive celebrations. This coming from a league who’s motto this year is Let the Kids Play”, a message to let go, have fun, show excitement, talk shit, flip a freaking bat, and to just remember at the end of the day it’s a freaking game.

I grew up in Florida in the late 80s and early 90s, so I got to see a lot of the Miami Hurricanes football team run over everyone. Those teams danced a lot, after seemingly everything, to the point the rule book on excessive celebrations was written with the Canes in mind. Former Hurricanes coach Jimmy Johnson’s attitude towards this was basically, if you don’t like it, stop it”.

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Amir Garrett seems to agree:

This is where I stand on the issue as well. You can’t bat flip off a strikeout.