Manton Reece - New Zealand and social media

Manton Reece, writing on his personal page:

Every story I read last week kept pointing back to the frustration with how Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not doing enough to prevent their platforms from amplifying misinformation and hateful messages.

I’m currently on vacation from Facebook during Lent, something that’s been easy to stay away from. It’s not hard to find horrible scenes on the site if you know where to look and sometimes they’ll find you too. I remember when the Paris terrorist attack happened, a friend of mine was going on about the video from the Bataclan. I purposely stay away from these types of images because I’ll never be able to erase a memory like that, but also because I don’t want to desensitize myself to this sort of image.

Further, the amount of misinformation I see spread on social media, particularly Facebook, is maddening. As Manton points out, the algorithms in place assume just because you follow an account or person, that you’ll like many of the same things they do. So, bullshit will find you if given a chance.

I’ve curated my Twitter feed in a way where there’s little tension and I enjoy the community on Manton outlines in his post the different ways in which hate speech and behavior don’t stand much of a chance on the service. I feel all services could do more about this issue, but I don’t really get the sense they want to as long as the revenue is there.