Blot Thoughts

As I look over my options for future writing, I still keep looking at this page here, which is hosted by Blot. I think the major thing holding me back from camping out here for good is my template isn’t quite the way I want it yet.

A few things I’m looking at:

  1. I’d like to have a dedicated photos page here without the Tagged Photos’” dialog at the top of the page and to see my full content, not just a list of links.
  2. Really, I don’t want any of that tagged” dialog at the top of any of my tagged pages. Just the subject/tag would be fine.
  3. Because I would like separate pages of filtered content, I’d like some of that content filtered off of the home page. I’m pretty sure I can do this here.
  4. A drop down menu for the mobile view would be nice.

Blot’s templates work on a mustache based system, which is something I haven’t dealt with much. I have a feeling it’s not too difficult to learn, I just need a few pointers, so I’ll reach out for that this week.

There’s some major reasons I’m looking strongly at Blot as my go to:

  1. Flexibility - wether it’s with my layout or how simply posting the URL to a tweet displays the tweet card itself, Blot offers the flexibility I’m looking for.
  2. Cost - I’m paying $20/year for this joint. That can’t be beat anywhere.
  3. Ease of use - I’m currently using Ulysses to type this up now. I could also use Drafts 5 and a combination of shortcuts on iOS. Or I could simply open TextEdit on the Mac and type what I need. As long as I have access to some kind of connected device, I can post.

Hopefully within the next couple of days/weeks I’ll get things to where I want them. In a way, using this service taps in to my geeky side. But, it also promotes me to write and share ideas, which I think is the most important part.