Photo Memories

One of the little projects I’ve been wanting to do for some time is to add old photos and travel memories to my blog. As with anything, I kind of need a nudge to do things, as I get extremely scatterbrained often. My nudge in this case is Apple’s memories feature in the Photo’s app on both macOS and iOS. This is where Apple is using their own machine learning to piece together memories based on an event or subject, such as a compilation of photos of beaches or cats.

Screen Shot of Photos in iOS

With these photo memories, I can either just add the photos themselves or I can write up some memories attached to the photos, such as something from a trip I went on. From there, I’ll edit the date to correspond with when the photos were taken, so they show up in their appropriate place in the archives and with the “On This Day” feature on this site.

All of this is in an effort to remember, relive, and reflect on the past, examine on how things are now, and to look forward on to where I want to go.