Experiences With Racism In American South Inspired Gary Clark Jr.'s 'This Land' NPR

In an interview on All Things Considered, Clark told NPR’s Michel Martin that a neighbor came up to him last year and asked who lived on the 50-acre property that Clark had bought in Austin with his wife Nicole Trunfio to raise their two children.

“I do,” Clark responded.

“There’s no way you can live here,” the neighbor responded.

This type of interaction is what infuriated me about some of the initial reactions to Colin Kaepernick kneeling. So many wanted to call him and others who kneeled spoiled, because who were they to complain when they have so much money? There’s an idea that when a black person earns a lot of money they no longer have to deal with the problems other black people deal with.

NBA player Sterling Brown would beg to differ.

James Blake would beg to differ.

Gary Clark Jr. would beg to differ.

Clark Jr. covers his anger on the track (and album of the same name), “This Land”, a track I came across a couple weeks ago. I often rate songs (like or dislike) based on how likely I am to want to hear them again. This track was jarring on first listen, which would usually cause me to bypass the track. I kept listening to it, however, and ended up putting a like on it. It’s a message I feel I need to hear mixed in with everything else I listen to. If it comes up a lot, so be it. It needs to be heard.