Who's Really Missing Out?

I checked in on Facebook this morning and was notified I posted this six years ago today:

Quick question: Would you be comfortable with paying $5 for Facebook if it meant no ads, no selling your information to advertisers, a total respect of your privacy, & a knowing your money was going straight toward platform development & improvement?

Many of the responses I received six years ago basically said paying for a social network isn’t something that would interest them. In fact, I only got one answer saying they would be in favor of this idea. For context, app.net was the service I was checking out at the time.

This was before any of the scandals, like the one with Cambridge Analytica, had come up. So, I reposted this question today, looking to see if anyone had a different view now than they did before. So far, I’ve had no answers. I figure this could be for either of the following reasons:

  • People don’t get it or don’t care.
  • Facebook may have buried my post, deeming it anti-Facebook.

It’s hard to say without any real feedback on it. That said, I’ve been pecking around on this page, categorizing posts accordingly. Just seeing how clean a page with nothing put photo posts is, with the attention strictly on the content, with no ads, no suggestions on who to follow, no side chat bar, no nagging notifications, no distractions to speak of. Just content. Why wouldn’t anybody want this?

A RSS feed full of content just like this one, again with the focus on the content, is peaceful. You check in on it when you want. You read at your leisure. I honestly feel like people are missing out.