Recipe: Low-Carb Cajun Jambalaya (One Skillet Recipe)

I meant to post this yesterday, but the result of the Saints game left me in a grumpy mood. But, I have a little bit of a tradition of making some sort of Southern or Cajun food whenever the Saints play on TV.

I have a go to jambalaya recipe I usually use, but I decided to try something different. I’m a big fan of Fit Men Cook and found his Low-Carb Cajun Jambalaya. I did this with a few alterations:

  • I went with rice over riced cauliflower. If you do this, let the rice cook for a full 20 minutes after adding the broth.
  • I skipped the tomato sauce and tomato paste and just went with three Roma tomatoes.
  • I skipped the shrimp. As far as meat goes with this dish, you can customize how you like.
  • I also added Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce (Louisiana brand) for a little extra flavor. Just a shake of each in a circle around the skillet is enough.

All in all, this was a fairly quick dish to whip up. While the result of the Saints game yesterday wasn’t ideal, the jambalaya came out pretty good. It also makes plenty, so I’ll be eating a lot of this during the week.