My Blogging Workflow

Here’s a look at my editing workflow, with Safari on the left and Ulysses on the right. I have Ulysses connected to my Blot folder in Dropbox.

I got wise this morning, however, by making a Drafts folder since Blot will publish all updates live. That’s great for a liveblog, but not so much if you’re actively editing.


I write everything in Markdown within Ulysses. Markdown saves me a lot of time by allowing me to focus more on my writing than my formatting. Most of my formatting becomes an afterthought, since I can type most of it on the fly. Links are usually the only thing I go back and edit.


For images, I use a workflow in Shortcuts, which I keep as a slide over app. This workflow does all the background work for me by saving and renaming the image, and then providing my the link to the image which is then saved on the clipboard. With this workflow, I can either run it by tapping on it or I can drag an image straight to it, saving the need to save an image from a website.


Everything posted to this site gets cross-posted to, which then gets cross-posted to Twitter the second it appears in’s feed. I do things this way for a couple reasons. First, I want this site to be my hub for most things, especially longer posts. But, even most of my photos now pop up here if shared online.

Lastly, I chose as my first destination because they support open web standards and want to support that cause. Also, when cross-posts to Twitter, the post is rendered the way I want it to on Twitter, which is especially nice with photo posts.