I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone say they hate Alabama or they’re tired of this Alabama v. Clemson matchup. I get it, you want to see different teams every year as long as your team isn’t there. To a degree, I do too.

But, what I also want to see is the best two teams playing for the national title. No flukes. No doubts. Just give me the two best teams. For the past five years, two of the teams in that discussion have been Alabama and Clemson, so it’s no mistake they keep earning their way here. Alabama, in particular, has been dominant for the past decade. I’ve seen first hand how good they can be when they demolished my Gators in the SEC Championship Game in back to back years this decade. The bar between most teams and Alabama is so vast at times it’s overwhelming.

For as easy as Alabama makes it look at times, understand it’s not easy to continuously maintain this level for as long as they have. It’s that right there that makes me respect them. We have seen the Floridas, USCs, Miamis, and Nebraskas do this for a few years at a time over the past 30 years, but nothing has compared to the run Alabama is on. Yet, they meet the only team who’s been close to that level over the past few years. That should be exactly what you want to see.