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Sioux Falls Road Trip Notes

Lincoln Stars v. Sioux Falls Stampede

  • The Denny Sanford Premier Center is a really nice building. Coming from Lincoln, there’s always a bit of shock and awe seeing a much larger arena than the Ice Box.
  • The Stars lost 4-2. Not that we expected much, this team has struggled all year.
  • Sioux Falls fans are mostly reserved. It’s a change from the belligerent crap I hear from the novice masses in Lincoln.
  • Cow bells. They do love cow bells in Sioux Falls.

WoodGrain Brewing Company

  • For New Years Eve, this was a quiet little joint.
  • The beer here is pretty good though. The Milk Stout was really good. Not as sweet as Boulder Brewing’s Shake Porter, but in the same ballpark.
  • The house sodas are also really good. WoodGrain makes a really smooth cream soda. Also, check out the pineapple soda.

Other Notes

  • It’s really freaking cold in Sioux Falls currently. Currently -3°F with a wind chill of -21°F.
  • Not sure why, but it really smells like farts in our hotel room. I’m guessing there’s a factory or something nearby.