Road Trip to Sioux Falls

I have lived in Nebraska for the most part of the last 24 years, yet I have never been to South Dakota. There really wasn’t anything I was aware of in South Dakota that Nebraska didn’t have. So, what brings me there today?

Hockey. Of course.

My current hometown team Lincoln Stars are playing a New Years Eve game in Sioux Falls and a few of my friends thought it would be cool to do something different and go follow the team and maybe check out a local brewery. The only thing I’m not looking forward to on this trip is the weather, where there’s a slight chance of snow, a bit of wind, and a projected low of -7ºF (-22ºC). That’s ice in your mustache cold.

I’m thinking the weather should be the only negative, however. I get to watch hockey with friends, have a beer with friends, and I get a hotel room to myself. I treasure my sleep as much as I do warmth.

I’ll post notes about this trip here during their day. It should be fun.