Urban Meyer to retire after Rose Bowl

From ESPN.com:

Meyer, who has coached Ohio State for the past seven seasons, will formally announce he’s stepping down at a 2 p.m. news conference in Columbus alongside Day and athletic director Gene Smith. The 54-year-old has battled the effects of an arachnoid cyst on his brain, which causes severe headaches, especially when under stress. The cyst was diagnosed in 1998 but worsened the past few years, and Meyer dropped to his knees on the sideline during an October game against Indiana and often looked distressed during games, rubbing his head and wincing.

My Gator perspective:

I’m thankful for the national titles. Before Alabama became the undisputed kings of college football over the last decade, Florida had a run of two titles in three years and were an Alabama loss in the 2007 SEC Championship Game from an opportunity for another title. Very few programs get an opportunity like that.

But, that’s not to say those titles didn’t come with scars. We had numerous players in trouble with the law and under the smoke of all of that was word, years later, one of Meyer’s assistants assaulted his wife, in which he was not reprimanded. That assistant would followUrban to Ohio State, where again nothing happened… until it became public. That’s not the way I want to win.

I think over time, Gator fans will remember the titles. I currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I can tell you that’s how people revere Tom Osborne in Husker Nation. Those are the happy times and that’s what we’ll gravitate to.

I hope Urban can get his health right. If we see him on a sideline again, and it wouldn’t surprise, I hope he can do things better and not at the risk of his health.