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🏈 Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Live Blog

Prelude: The Seahawks come into today a half game behind the Vikings, Cowboys (of all teams), and the team from DC for the final playoff spot and a full game behind Carolina. Seattle is coming off a solid win at home against the Packers a full 10 days ago. I’ll be watching today to see if the running game can be as solids as it’s been the past few weeks and how the defense controls Cam Newton.

First Quarter

Kickoff: Seahawks get the ball first.

13:38 - Hawks opening drives goes three and out, with two negative plays, the last being a sack. Carolina ball.

11:00 - Hawks defense is currently struggling with Newton running the ball. Carolina is picking up yards in chunks.

7:15 - Carolina drive stalls at the 4 yard line as the Panthers went for it on fourth down. Nice break for the Hawks, as the defense didn’t look great until that point. Hawks ball.

Panthers challenging the spot: Ruling stands, Panthers lose a timeout.

5:43 - Hawks drive stalls after Davis makes a catch out of bounds. A couple of good runs on this drive at least. Carolina ball.

4:49 - Carolina again gashing the Seattle defense, this time with two big passes.

2:13 - Panthers drive stalls inside the 10 again, settling for a field goal this time.

Panthers 3, Seahawks 0

0:00 - The quarter ends with the Hawks moving the ball, primarily through the air. Still 3-0 Panthers.

Second Quarter

12:45 - Hawks drive stalls after Wilson airmails Baldwin in the endzone. Still, Seattle did well keeping the Panthers defense off balance passing the ball for the most part, since Carolina seems more concerned with the run. Seattle settles for the field goal.

Seahawks 3, Panthers 3

11:03 - Panthers drive stalls after a couple solid stops by the Hawks defense against the run game. Hawks ball.

9:04 - Seahawks go three and out after the first down play was blown up by a sack at the 3. Hawks punt.

6:15 - Touchdown Panthers. Newton finds Samuel through the air after Carolina gashed Seattle on the ground beforehand. Carolina is making better adjustments to this point.

Panthers 10, Seahawks 3

2:24 - TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!!! Wilson leads the way with some good decisions, finding receivers, avoiding pressure, and even running it for a first down once. Carson finishes the drive with a one yard run.

Seahawks 10, Panthers 10

0:00 - Panthers get a field goal as time expires in the half. Carolina once again gashed the Hawks defense to get into the red zone, but again, the Hawks defense hangs in there to keep the Panthers out of the endzone. Seattle’s defense has been impressive once inside the 20, but needs to do better in the middle of the field.

Panthers 13, Seahawks 10 - halftime

Third Quarter

10:39 - Hawks intercept in the endzone, once again holding up inside the 20. Bend but don’t break today.

6:13 - TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!!! Lockett makes a catch at the goal line which was originally called short, but replay clearly shows the ball crossing the plain. The score was set up by a couple of big plays to get them into the redzone.

Seahawks 17, Panthers 13

1:41 - Touchdown Panthers, as McCaffery scores on a goal line run. Carolina finally breaks through in the red zone.

Panthers 20, Seahawks 17

0:00 - Seahawks are driving, currently at midfield as the quarter ends, still down by three.

Fourth Quarter

9:28 - Hawks tie the game on a field goal after the drive stalled in the red zone. Both teams are really turning up the intensity.

Seahawks 20, Panthers 20

8:30 - McCaffery gashes the Hawks twice in a row to get the Panthers to the one yard line.

6:58 - Newton to McCaffery for a one yard TD. Seems like one knockout punch after another coming from these teams right now. There may have been a illegal pick on the play, but not called.

Panthers 27, Seahawks 20

3:27 - TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!!! Wilson passes to Moore on fourth down to tie the game. Wow!

Seahawks 27, Panthers 27

1:40 - Graham Gano misses a 52 yard FG attempt. Seahawks have life!

0:00 - SEAHAWKS WIN!!! Janikowski hits a 31 yard field goal to end it. What a game!

Seahawks 30, Panthers 27 - Final