Four the past few months, I’ve been using a Shortcuts (formerly Workflow) automation to grab music from different Apple Music playlists and place them in a dump bin” playlist by genre. Here’s an example of one of those automations below:

I would then use a smart playlist to go through and either like or dislike the songs that populated the list until I’m out of songs, as song would disappear from the list as they got rated. Well, for whatever reason, I’ve been lazy about a lot of things for the past couple of months on a lot of things, including listening to my smart playlists. This, of course, resulted in a large backup of songs.

So, I said fuck it!”, and liked the remaining songs on my playlists. This will populate other smart playlists I have set up for the time being. I figure if there’s a song I don’t like I can rate them as they come up. But, at least this clears the inventory of new songs a bit and allows me to share new music. I have a couple New this week” playlists I’d like to make public, so this will allow me to do this.

Look for those playlists by the end of the week.