Pete Ricketts & the Death Penalty

Nebraska first in US to use opioid fentanyl in execution

Just three years ago, Nebraska had abolished the death penalty. A year later, it was restored after 60% of voters supported it.

Nebraska is not the first state to consider using fentanyl in an execution - particularly as drug companies continue to resist their products being used for death sentences.

It should be noted the ballot language to reinstate the death penalty was confusing, to say the least. Also, to get the death penalty reinstated, the Gov. Pete Ricketts and his father spent $300,000 of their own money to pay for ads in favor of the death penalty. This after Ricketts ordered 300 executions worth of drugs which were initially deemed illegal.

The lengths to which Ricketts has gone to execute a human being seems bizarre in the least, if not twisted. Watching him go about this process, he really seems to find joy in all of it. I don’t know how anyone can be easy with that.