Re: My Twitter Purge

An update on my Twitter purge:

I unfollowed a little over 200 accounts. While I don’t feel like I’m done with this yet, I’m already able to follow along better. One of my influences for this was my timeline on, since it’s usually life events or personal thoughts on an array of topics. Even the dealings with current events aren’t as in my face like they are on Twitter.

I did keep the official accounts of the sports teams I follow, because genuinely I want to see things I enjoy in my timeline. Beyond that, however, I’m cutting down the news in my feed. With that I had some interesting results.

For one, when the Seattle Sounders match kicked off around 9 PM Central Time, my feed quickly turned “rave green”, which felt like a cool effect. However, this also coincided with the season premier of HBO’s Insecure, so things got noisy quick. A quick muting of the hashtag for 24 hours cut that down and I was able to focus on my Sounders notes.

I’m also catching more of the posts from people I know locally, which is my main goal in all of this. The rapid fire news reports coming through before made the things I wanted to see sure a blur I couldn’t keep up.

So again, I’ll keep unfollowing accounts as I see fit while considering who I add. I think of it like living in a small home. Do you really need that extra thing which will only add more clutter to your already limited space? For me, that answer is “no”.