LeBron James Might Be My Favorite Athlete Right Now 🏀

LeBron James is becoming one of my favorite athletes ever this week. Yesterday, he gave his son’s AAU team a pep talk, in which he shared some real truth to them:

“We got Hall of Famers and some of the best players to ever play the game came off the bench – or didn’t play. That don’t mean you ain’t good. There’s guys in the NBA that don’t play. Does that mean they not good? They got to the NBA because they were sorry? They’re just playing a role.”

“If you don’t want a role, play tennis or play golf. Because then you can do what the f— you want to do, and then you’ve got nobody else to blame because it’s only an individual sport. If that’s what you want to do, play tennis or play golf. But if you want to play a team sport, there’s going to be things you’ve got to give up to get what you want.”

This, of course, comes on the heels of LeBron opening a school for underprivileged youth, kids who were much like him at the same age. Some of the details of the school include:

  • Focus on accelerated learning
  • Provides job placement for parents
  • Has on-site food bank
  • Supports students with stress from economic causes
  • Gives every student a bike, to escape dangerous parts of town and explore
  • Guarantees free college tuition to the University of Akron to all graduates starting in 2021

Much respect, LeBron!